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TAB – Servo turrets with vertical axis

TAB is a vertical axis turret with bi-directional positioning, no body lifting during the indexing rotation, really simple design, really high performances and request a minimum maintenance.

They use a fully hydraulic locking system and rotate thanks to a BRUSHLESS SERVO MOTOR controlled by a SERVO DRIVE.

Turrets can carry 4/6 tool holders as per DIN 69881 norms;  on demand, they can be supplied with a different number of faces or special body.

TAB turrets can be mounted with the axis in horizontal, slanting position.

Main Characteristics:

• Very high rotation speed with minimum indexing times
• Bi-directional
• Locking and Unlocking without body lifting
• Double sensor for locking and unlocking status
• High rigidity due to the new design
• Possibility to use turret body with 4 or 6 positions.
• Possibility to lock the turret in intermediate positions (24 divisions)
• Coolant output flow through valve on the body side
• Possibility, upon request, to increase the coolant pressure up to 70 bar




TAB 210 TAB 265 TAB 340
N° of stations (standard)

N° di posizioni (standard)

N° of stations (optional)

N° di posizioni (opzionale)

N° of divisions

N°di divisioni

Direction of rotation

Direzione di rotazione



Max Moment of Inertia

Momento d’inerzia massimo

kgm² 8 8 30
Clamping Force (at 50bar)

Forza di bloccaggio (a 50bar)

N 36000 62000 92000
Max Tangential Torque

Massima coppia tangenziale

Nm 3200 6560 13850
Max Overturning Torque (pressing)*

Massima coppia ribaltante (a premere)*

Nm 6600 13800 29500
Max Overturning Torque (lifting)*

Massima coppia ribaltante (a sollevare)*

Nm 2600 5000 10900
* Distance from turret axis

* Distanza dall’asse torretta

mm 200 250 300
Positioning Accuracy

Precisione di posizionamento

deg. ±4″
Accuracy of Repeatability

Precisione di ripetibilità

deg. ±1,6″
Hydraulic Locking Pressure

Pressione idraulica di serraggio

bar 50 ±5
Max coolant pressure (standard)

Massima pressione refr. (standard)

Max coolant pressure (option)

Massima pressione refr. (opzionale)

Ambient temperature range

Temperatura ambiente

°C 0-40
Protection degree

Gradi di protezione

IP 65
Locking+unlocking time*

Tempi aperture/chiusura*

sec. 0.75 0.75 0.9
Minimum positioning time

Tempi posizionamento minimi

90° sec. 0.55 0.55 0.92
180° 0.85 0.85 1.34
360° 1.45 1.45 2.2
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