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Who We Are

Baruffaldi since 1927

Baruffaldi was founded by Cesare Boffelli, a qualified Mechanical Engineer, in Milano in 1927.

Cesare Boffelli
Motocicletta Certum degli anni 30

Baruffaldi started the production of brakes for motorcycles in the 30s.

In the 50s it expanded its business area manufacturing brakes and clutches for several industrial applications.

Cataloghi freni e frizioni degli anni 50

Thanks to the development of the market and to the experience gained, since the 60s, Baruffaldi started the production of components for industrial vehicles (AC compressors clutches) and for machines tools, such as electromechanical turrets, indexing tables and 2-speed gearboxes.

Driven tool turrets from 70s

Indexing table from 70s

2-Speed Gearbox from 80s

The continuous technological development in brakes and clutches field, allowed to achieve a high quality and reliable production, as demanded by the automotive industry as well as by the machine tools, permitting to enter into the agricultural and textile machines industries.

Baruffaldi – San Donato factory in the 70s
Baruffaldi – San Donato factory in the 80s

Nowadays, the products have maintained their high quality standard, considerably improved in their technical characteristics thanks to an interactive cooperation among the design, production, testing, and sales departments

Machine Tool Division Technical Office

Baruffaldi is now developing its business with more than 200 people employed in 2 production plants, covering an area of 25.000smq: Tribiano-Milan (Technology for Vehicles Division / Industrial Division) and Settala-Milan (Machine Tools Components Division).

Baruffaldi – Settala (Milan) Machine Tool Division
Baruffaldi – Tribiano (Milan) Vehicles and Industrial Division

Baruffaldi sells its product lines and provides service all over the world through a structured Sales Network and Technical Services operating in the most industrialized Countries. All this makes today Baruffaldi, a Leader in the mechanical industry and a company with advanced technology, high quality and reliable products.

Baruffaldi – Machine Tool Division Sales Team
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