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Official Video of Linea Leonardo


Baruffaldi is glad to presents its new turret series,  LINEA LEONARDO

YAX-C32: 1500Kg of pure Strength and Accuracy!!

With this model that weighs 1500Kg, Baruffaldi complete the Line of the Compact Y-Axis.

Automatic Tool Change Turrets

These new units are standard TB turrets with special tool holder discs for automatic tool change systems.

TAB with extended dovetail toolholder body.

The units TAB, turrets with vertical axis, are now available with an extended dovetail toolholder body. It is possible from now to assemble bigger toolholder size (as per DIN 69881-1 norm), special toolholders or grinding/milling units.

New Baruffaldi ServoDrive: with EtherCAT and Profinet comunication

New Baruffaldi ServoDrive: with EtherCAT and Profinet comunication

MQL Minimum Quantity Lubrication

The turrets of the TB series can now be used with MQL systems (Minimum Quantity Lubrication)

Nuove torrette: con cambio utensile capto automatico per sistemi ATC

Baruffaldi preesenta la nuova torretta della serie TB-Capto.

New Compact Y-Axis Unit

Baruffaldi has developed and launched at BIMU2018, in Milano, the new “Compact” Y-Axis units named Type “C”.

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