Baruffaldi started its business in the machine tools branch about 60 years ago with the manufacturing of mechanical clutches, followed by the electromagnetic brakes and clutches.

Thanks to the development of the market and to the experience gained, during the 70s, Baruffaldi started the production of components for machine tools, as electromechanical turrets, tool-holders and 2 speed gearboxes.

Nowadays, the products have maintained their high quality standard, but have considerably improved their characteristics, thanks to a continuous cooperation among between Customer and Company and internally among design, test, production and sales departments.

Thanks to the experience gained in 60 years of experience in the field of electromagnetic brakes and clutches, Baruffaldi has developed a series of products suitable for the following sectors of application:

"fan clutches" for cooling systems used in trucks and buses

"clutch/brake units" and "teeth clutches" for weaving looms

"fan clutches” and "take powers" for agricultural machines, such as tractors