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Baruffaldi Presentation

Turrets with Horizontal Axis

TB Servo Turrets

TBH Servo Turrets

TB / TBMA 100 Servo Turrets

TBMR Radial Driven Tool Servo Turrets

TBHMA Axial Driven Tool Servo Turrets

TBMA Axial Driven Tool Servo Turrets

TE Electromechanical Turrets

TEMA – Electromechanical Turrets with Axial Driven Tool System

Turrets with Vertical Axis

TAN Electromechanical Turrets

TAB Servo Turrets

2-Speed Planetary Gearboxes

CE Series

Accessories and Rings

Rotary Tool Holders

Rings – Hirth Couplins

Clutch for Pressing Machines

Clutch and Brake Groups for Pressing Machines

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